Private Island for sale in Greece. ID PV-122

Private Island for sale in Greece. ID PV-122



Island for sale in Greece. 1.200 km² (1.200.000m² or 276 acres) located in the Aegean Sea at the Cyclades complex just 5min from the closest habited island were all the speed boats and ferry lines go…

On the island there is an old house where the old family used to live, a church, harbours for the boats and many caves that make the island wonderful and someone can use it as a diving park. The waters are crystal clear.

The island provides electricity, telephone lines and drinking water and all kind of development can be done because of the flat terrain of the island. It has two natural wells and someone expect of keeping it as an island for vacation or diving park can be interested of investing on the island by producing wind power or electricity or photovoltaic power.

Someone also can be interested of making it a resort or a casino or a hotel. The island has all the licenses and permits.

The place of the island is appropriate for someone that wants to do many excursions or invest on the island because it is in the centre of the Aegean Sea and many islands are around it.

The island is very productive because of the flat terrain that it has and all kind of investment can be made.

Why Greece?

  • It has strict build density regulations, which will avoid major developments in future and thus overbuilding.
  • Only 3 hours from London and many European cities making it a viable weekend break holiday destination.
  • Voted by the Lonely Planet Guide 2019 as one of the top 4 countries in the world to visit
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