The goal is to have about 150 waterways operating in five years, creating the largest network in Europe.

The mega project of seaplanes and the operation of seaports is getting closer and closer to the take-off, as their construction and licensing procedures are in progress throughout Greece.

The goal is to have about 150 waterways operating in five years, creating the largest network in all of Europe.

According to the President and CEO of Hellenic Seaplanes SA, Nikolas Charalambous and the President of Hellenic Waterways, Anastasios Gova, the leadership of the companies that “run” the developments in the issue of licensing waterways, aspires to turn Greece into the Maldives of Europe, with the creation of 2,000 direct and 5,000 indirect jobs, to “rewrite” the map of transport in our country and in its full development to give the Greek economy over 1 billion euros.

According to him, this is a project that brings investments of over 300 million euros in five years, through the construction of waterways (over 50 million euros), the purchase of aircrafts whose number is estimated for the first five years in at least 20 (about 130 million), but also the creation of a seaplane pilot training school, among others.

The procedures for the completion of the project were delayed last year due to the arrival of the pandemic, but the preparations did not stop.

The following report includes the analysis of the phase of each of the waterways undertaken by the two companies in the area, Hellenic Seaplanes S.A. and Hellenic Waterways PC, which have committed to carry out this difficult task of creating a national network of waterways while the next steps to be followed for the positive outcome of all future projects were defined.

“We will continue to utilize and build on what we have achieved so far, to ensure that our planning for the implementation of the licenses of the waterways that we have undertaken is progressing with fast steps and consistency.

At the same time, we are defining the new locations that are potential destinations and could have their own waterway along the way “. “Greece will soon have the largest network of waterways in Europe and in the world,” said Mr. Charalambous.

The president of Hellenic Waterways PC, Anastasios Govas stated in this regard: “We are working systematically in order to create an extensive network of waterways in Greece.

The existence of licensed waterways is a necessary condition for the safe operation of seaplanes, which with their flights will contribute to the development of the local economies of the islands, to the upgrading of their tourism and consequently to the improvement of the quality of life of their inhabitants “.

Regarding the developments around the waterways, these refer to the technical files for the waterways throughout the territory, on which the two companies have been active for a long time and have been building the network on which the organized flights of the passengers with seaplanes will operate.

The completion of the waterway network and the start of the flight project, institutionally fortified, paves the way for attracting individual investments, as companies from Greece and abroad are expected to make moves to acquire a share of the new project to be created.


Greece Property News : Seaplanes: The creation of waterways throughout Greece is in progress – The whole mega project, the largest network in Europe