Property Management

Property Management

Property Management services would apply to you in three cases: You do not live near your property, you see it clearly as an investment and you are not interested in hands-on management, or you have no time to manage your property yourself. In any of this cases, we offer our know-how and expertise in property management to save you time and worries.

Property management services include, to name a few, screening prospective tenants through our large and increasing clientele, handling repairs and maintenance issues that will come a lot cheaper through our licensed, reliable and devoted contractors and craftsmen, organizing the cleaning of your property while you are away, supporting full swimming pool maintenance.

Please contact us to discuss over the property management services package that would best suit your needs and optimize the benefits of your investment.

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Ktimatoemporiki is an experienced Property Management company, therefore different types of services have been developed and integrated in order to provide the ones that suit your needs best.

Technical maintenance by resolving issues that may arise during your absence, through an integrated facility and maintenance management. Space planning, cleaning services and security of your property are also some options that could interest you. Security services include surveillance and storage management. Also, Ktimatoemporiki is available 24/7 with a helpdesk to respond to your needs.

More than that, Ktimatoemporiki has the means to advertise rental listings to attract high quality tenants, as well as handle leasing agreements. Ktimatoemporiki schedules maintenance and repairs of your property, if needed. While on rent, collecting the monthly rent payments, keeping record and preparing reports for the owner are also tasks included in Property Management services we provide.

If you want to rent your property, the first thing you should do is to evaluate it. Our company can help you in the property evaluation and provide advice on optimizing your property promotion.

We create and manage your profile and listing in platforms of AirBnB,, Expedia, TripAdvisor and Homeaway, as well as handle reservations and reviews. We provide creative and effective promotion of real estate in special Internet services that are viewed by tourists and travellers, optimizing your property occupation percentage. We manage all communications and screening of your guests 24/7 and we constantly keep you informed on your property’s reservations and listings. In Ktimatoemporiki we have high ratings on all web sources that our properties are listed on and our team has a proven record of high response rate. For properties that have a pricing of up to €160, our fee is 20% plus VAT, while for properties with pricing over €160 our fee is shaped at 15%.

Cleaning of your property by a professional cleaning agency, laundry (sheets, towels, etc) and refill (shampoo,toilet paper, coffee, tea, etc) are also services we provide, although not included in the above 15-20%. In detail, the cleaning services between changes of tenants include airing the property, cleaning the windows, sweeping and mopping all the floors and balconies, sanitizing food preparation areas, checking appliances for functioning operation, replacing light bulbs if applicable, removing trash, placing “Welcome Home” baskets, and checking and cleaning oven and hob if necessary.

Our company can carry out scheduled inspection visits reassuring you that your property and possesions are in order. During these inspection visits we also undertake repairs or specific maintenance tasks, after having seeked your approval, ensuring all work is carried out to a high standard. We also provide a dedicated phone number that is available 24/7 for all emergency situations at your property.

Other relevant services include the organization of the rental finance, by receiving the payments (or ensure they are deposited in the owner’s account) and estimate the income from associated services, while ensuring rational expenses on maintenance services.

We believe guest feedback and contact is a key factor to improving our level of services and have returning guests, therefore we seek the same for our clients. We always ask the guests to provide us with feedback regarding the services provided in your property and we maintain contact with them after their departure. This strategy has proven to be successful throughout the years.

With Ktimatoemporiki, you know you have a partner looking after your property and taking care of it as if it were their own. Keys to your property are held in secure but accessible place, and only authorised personnel can use them.

Customers are often suspicious of property management services because it seems like an excessive service, it is interpreted as a service that the owners can undertake themselves. The truth is that property management means being the middleman between the owner and the prospective tenant, trying to maximize the profit and interests of both parties. The benefits of using the Property Management services of Ktimatoemporiki are multiple.

High Quality Tenants

As a property owner who is using the property as a temporary residence, for holiday season or for just a few weeks a year, therefore wants to rent he property for the remaining time of the year, has to face the issue of finding the right tenants. Ideal tenants are the ones who pay rent on time, they respect the property and use the infrastructure well minimizing wear and tear, and overall do not cause problems or damages to your property. Ktimatoemporiki has an ever growing clientele from which the tenants applications are screened and processed to your best interest. We are able to locate possible red flags that could arise, and we can help you avoid scams or lawsuits.

Eliminate Legal Services

One of the key elements that emphasize the importance of a property management company is the legal vulnerabilities one could avoid, with the use of their experience and expertise. In addition to that, the legal services entailed in Property Management are the aforementioned screening of the tenants, taking care of possible evictions, handle property inspections and lease signing, as well as manage the property safety.

No Rental Vacancies

Ktimatoemporiki is a well known company to which many customers address to for renting properties. Therefore, we have a competitive level of demand, and the possibilities of eliminating the vacancy time of the rent of your property are maximized. Managing the property for a smooth and uninterrupted change between tenants is one of the best qualities of a property management company.

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    Property management

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