TeleMortgage Online Mortgage Application for Foreign Property Buyers

Online Mortgage Application for Foreign Property Buyers

Property purchasing is considered to be one of the best investment options. What is better than investing in something that gets increased value over time, like a house or a commercial property? Investing in a property in Greece has multiple advantages.

With its warm and stable climate and privileged, geographically strategic location, Greece is considered an attractive place for residence. Over 300 days of sunshine a year classify the country as one of the sunniest European locations.  Following an economic recession, Greece has embarked on an extensive reform effort, which is set to improve investor confidence and attract new business. At this time of recovery, the Greek real estate market offers unique investment opportunities for individuals and businesses wishing to access property in Europe at highly competitive prices.

Buying a property abroad can be an intimidating process for foreigners because of the complicated procedures. The foreign language barrier and confusing legal procedures are the main issues foreigners may have to deal with the process.

Ktimatoemporiki introduces you to the new way of obtaining a mortgage loan without your presence being necessary. TeleMortgage service is removing the need for you to be there in person for the mortgage application process.

Our mortgage advisors have decades of experience in the mortgage industry and are supported by experienced administration staff using up-to-the-minute technology to provide you with a first-class service across the entire mortgage market.

TeleMortgage service works easily, fast and secure and works integrated with the TeleProperty service, removing the need for you to personally be in Greece for long waiting periods.

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Yes, foreigners who want to buy a property can get a mortgage from Greek Banks. The buyer must be over the age of 18 to apply for a mortgage.

Anyone from any nationality can get a bank loan in Greece. Only the people who got a mortgage in Greece in the past and didn’t pay their loans cannot get a mortgage again.

The Necessary documents to get a mortgage from the Greek banks are:

  • ID (approved passport)
  • Address certificate
  • Income statement (last months’ salary list)
  • Tax number

The 4 basic steps of Telemortgage service are:

Step 1
Choose your dream property from our site, or contact us via telephone and email.

Step 2
After agreeing on the terms of sale and the price for your desired property, you could send us the necessary documents:

  • ID (Approved passport)
  • Tax number
  • Address certificate
  • Income statement (Last months’ payrolls)

Step 3
With the necessary documents, Ktimatoemporiki is applying for the mortgage on your behalf. You could be notified with the results within 24 hours.

Step 4
After receiving the positive answer, you will have to visit Greece where you will sign your KYC (Know Your Customer) papers for the mortgage.

No. All you need to do is signing your KYC (Know Your Client) papers when you are in Greece after the process is over.

Banks in Greece supply mortgage up to 50-100% of the sales price of the properties for foreign buyers.

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