Ktimatoemporiki faces and promotes a new period of real estate market with a brand-new commercial practice: TeleProperty. Thanks to this method, customers will be able to buy a property in Greece without the necessity of coming to Greece in person.

Smartphones and computers are a big part of our lives at present and can be found anywhere. Thus, we think that buying a property online is well possible if some necessary precautions are taken to give a smooth and transparent service for customers.

On a standard selling process, customers travel to Greece and join viewing tours of properties they are interested in personally, however, now thanks to TeleProperty, you can join online viewing tours and examine properties in detail on your phone. TeleProperty can be used with visual communication channels such as Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp Video Call, etc.

TeleProperty makes the buying process easier for customers, but at the same time, it is also highly beneficial. Some of the profitable sides of it are listed below.

TeleProperty service works easily, fast and secure and works integrated with the TeleMortgage service, removing the need for you to personally be in Greece for long waiting periods.

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Correct Property Match: There are a lot of property options on our website from lower- priced to ultra-luxurious properties. There is no doubt that customers can easily find their dream properties on the website according to their budget and expectations. In such case our customers have the possibility to view their desired properties promptly and in full detail.

Best Price: The properties can be offered for sale at a bargain price in special times called “Buy now”. In cases of such opportunities, customers would not miss the unique price because of travelling hardships, and they could reserve the property over the phone thanks to TeleProperty.

Limited In Stock: The other negative aspect of the necessity of travelling arises when the property is limited in stock. There are many luxurious and high-quality properties offered at affordable or bargain prices, and they can be limited in stock. Since they are fast selling, customers are required to act quickly. Even over the phone, being quick is advantageous.

Needless to Travel: When the dream property is found, nobody wants to miss the opportunity because of the long distance between. In this case, our customers can reserve the property by sending a deposit or buying it through our step by step professional guidance, without the need to disrupt their busy schedules and spend money on plane tickets. TeleProperty allows you to buy your property wherever you are.

Online Viewing Tour: An online viewing tour is organized via visual communication channels such as Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp Video Call, etc. To avoid leaving question marks in mind, every detail of the property is shown closely in the guidance of our agents and customers may chat and ask real time questions to the seller and the agent while touring.

Property Info: All necessary property information like floor plans, price, property location, legal permissions of the property, etc. are sent to customers.

Negotiation: After all features and the property are confirmed and the client proceeds to make an offer for the asset, the negotiation with the seller begins regarding the final price, down payment and other terms on behalf of the buyer. Then the payment plan is prepared.

Sales Contract: A State Notary prepares the draft contract consisting of all agreed terms regarding the property and the payment. On the day of the signing of the contract, both the buyer’s representative and the seller are present before the State Notary and proceed with the signing while the buyer follows the whole procedure through a visual communication channel such as Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp Video Call etc.

Payment: On the day of the signing the buyer sends the payment to the seller’s stated bank account.

Title conveyance: The title is scanned and then sent to the buyer by e-mail. The original documents are carefully kept at our offices and physically conveyed when customers visit Greece.

Want to buy your dream home in Greece? Call now for TeleProperty!

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