Survey: Three out of 10 Britons dream of holidays in the Greek islands for 2021

81% of Britons will choose a new holiday destination as soon as international travel opens, seeking to be more flexible with the holiday destination than choosing one they have visited before.

This was revealed by a Holiday Extras survey conducted on a sample of 1,000 British travelers, according to which people are planning a vacation in order to experience something new (44%), with one fifth (20%) reporting that the lockdown made them look forward to exploring new places. 17% said that last year was used to save money in order to take a vacation as soon as it becomes legal.

Before the pandemic, 53% of respondents said they used to make a trip abroad to the same destination, either because they had a home there, or relatives and friends (22%) or because they liked being to a familiar place (19%). One in 10 (7%) even stated that they did not like visiting destinations that are unknown to them. Now the percentage of those who want to travel to a place where they are used to is around 5%.

While 29% of Britons plan to take a short holiday in the UK, 33% dream of island hopping in the Greek islands and 28% a beach in Fiji. 21% said they would prefer to travel to Hawaii for surfing and 17% to South Africa for safari.

In detail, the most popular experiences that the British would like to have from their vacation as soon as they are allowed to travel abroad again, are…

Island hopping in Greece (33%)

Short getaway to the UK (29%)

Relax on a beach in Fiji (28%)

Caribbean Cruise (24%)

Surfing in Hawaii (21%)

Safari in Africa (17%)

Exploring the Nordic countries (16%)

Hiking on the Inca Trail in Peru (9%)