Telegraph’s digital traveller writer Oliver Smith says Greece will be his first holiday destination after the coronavirus crisis ends. In a piece titled “The first country I’ll visit after coronavirus? There’s no contest”, Smiths lauds Greece pointing out that what he yearns is the pristine life of the islands.

“What I want is the island’s pristine life, the wonderful food and accommodation, the quiet beaches, the lush green countryside and the ultimate getaway from the stress of modern life.”

Among the elements that make Greece an ideal destination, the British journalist writes is traveling by sea.

According to Smith, the boat trip to a picturesque Greek island contributes to the final ideal result and therefore suggests islands that do not have an air connection.

Overseas holidays have been forbidden for just over a week, but already it feels like far longer. Perhaps that’s because I haven’t left the UK since August, have been in self-isolation since March 9 – when I came down with a cold or Covid-19, I’ll probably never know which – and last week was supposed to be enjoying a short break in sunny Girona.

The next trip in my diary is at the end of May – a journey by rail to Switzerland and the Italian Lakes. Given the scale of the crisis in Europe, especially northern Italy, already that is looking highly unlikely. Will foreign holidays be permitted by July? Or August? Your guess is as good as mine. But I’d like to think that by September – dear God, surely – we will have been given the green light to venture beyond our shores. If that’s the case, I will have endured a whole year without leaving Britain. And there’ll be one country I’ll want to visit above all others….