The Times is writing the best for Chania: “See you down the taverna”

Regarding the Greek summer, another “anthem” was written in the foreign press, specifically in the New York Times. The British publication explains “Why Greece is the place to go” and recommends prime spots such as Crete, Corfu, and Kefalonia under the adorable headline “See you down the taverna.”

The Times story highlights and recommends the island of Crete, notably Chania, despite the fact that there are now dozens of direct flights to Greece from Scotland. “With its antique Venetian architecture, bustling restaurants along the waterfront, and bustling public markets,” the magnificent port of Crete emanates an enticing appeal of the old town, according to the Times.

The history of Chania, as well as its wild character, are highlighted in the text. “Mankind has been here since the Mycenaean times, in 1600 BC,” he said, adding that “the ruined buildings of Mycenae attract archaeologists from all over,” before recommending that “adventurous” visitors cross the Samaria Gorge and explore “virgin villages like Vamos, known for its authentic Cretan food.”

The article then praises Corfu, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its gorgeous steep mountains, sandy beaches, and cultural capital, which stands out for its unique architecture “medieval streets with meandering lanes Venetian fortifications and taverns with mosaics “. Local items, such as “delicious honey and luscious olives” from Corfu, are highlighted.

Finally, the piece informs readers of “cinematic” Kefalonia, the location of the renowned film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin,” which included Sami, Antisamos Beach, and the “lush wooded” hills that surround them.

“As you walk along the trail, you’ll hear goat bells and birdsong, as well as the aroma of flowers.”

The Times recommends taking a detour to Petanoi Beach because of its blue bay and green cliffs.