The travel preferences of the Germans in 2021 – “Greece will be in Fashion”. The travels within Europe have always been Germans’ favorites as the travel process was never complicated. According to a survey of the, a German website with travel offers, this trend will be continued in 2021 with Germany being the most popular destination for Germans, while there will be a high demand for Greece as well, which, according to the survey, will be in fashion both for its islands as for its inlad, with a combination of tours and beaches.

The survey, conducted on more than 5.000 Instagram users, showed that in 2021, most Germans want to take a long vacation at least once.

Unlike the shorter getaways, many plan two or three longer trips, to make up for the holiday experiences they were unable to get during 2020 due to the pandemic.

In particular, travel trends for 2021 are…

-Two to three longer vacations abroad (eg slow travel)

-Less short trips

-More wellness vacations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

-Less city breaks

-More vacations in nature and for environmentally friendly activities

High demand on organized round trips


What is most important in 2021

The low prices for holidays 44%

Financial security in bookings 56%

Where will you travel on your next vacation?

The world to discover foreign cultures and countries 74%

– In a known and already visited holiday destination 24%

Holidays in nature or in the city?

In nature 80%

In the city 20%

Holidays in a hotel accommodation or a holiday home?

– In a hotel 65%

-In a holiday home 35%


Greece Property News| The travel preferences of the Germans in 2021 – “Greece will be in Fashion”