Tourism: This is the protocol for holidays in Greece

This is the official detailed user guide, in English, German and French, published from for the travelers who wish to visit our country this summer – All details about tourists’ arrivals, stays and departures.

The protocol based on which tourists will spend their holidays in Greece from Friday May 14, was published on It is essentially a useful guide for travelers who are planning on visiting our country, as it includes detailed information on all activities that are open, as well as for those that remain closed.

The protocol is available in three languages ​​(English, German, French) and also contains 15 questions and their answers, regarding the opening of tourism in 2021 in Greece. The protocol describes the requirements for travelers to enter our country, but also during their stay here, while providing instructions “to ensure your health, the health of your family, as well as the health of all those who are involved in offering you a secure hosting experience”.

“Your health is our absolute priority”

“Dear traveler, we welcome you to Greece and we wish you to enjoy a wonderful and unforgettable holiday experience”, the “Arrival and Departure Protocol” initially states. It continues as follows: “We want you to know that we have done everything possible to make you feel safe in our country and to stay healthy. “Your health is our absolute priority and that is non-negotiable.”

Then, it provides step-by-step instructions, from the moment the traveler begins to prepare for the trip to our country, until during his stay.

Music in hotels

The protocol describes which activities are open, mentioning specifically archeological sites, restaurants, retail, pharmacies, public transport, cruising, entertainment, etc. Especially in terms of entertainment, the protocol clarifies that music in restaurants is prohibited, with the exception of restaurants, bars, and cafes that operate in hotels and provide services only to hotel customers.

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