How much does a holiday home in Nafplio cost – Which areas are preferred by foreign investors

The most expensive and cheapest popular areas for buying a holiday home.

Although we would easily characterize the “holiday home” as a traditionally Greek thing with about 33% of Greeks owning a second home, the interest of foreign investors in holiday homes is constantly growing.

But what seem to be the most popular tourist destinations of buying interest in Greece and how is the average selling price per sq.m. modified in the first quarter of 2022, compared to that of 2021?

3 interest clusters

The analysis shows 3 clusters of interest based on user searches. These include destinations near Athens, islands with unchanged prices, such as Tinos, Rhodes, Corfu, Syros, and Crete, and finally luxury islands, such as Santorini, Mykonos, and Paros that form their own very expensive category.

Corinth, Nafplio, and Aegina

The decisive criterion of potential buyers remains the distance from the Athenian capital. A significant characteristic is an undiminished interest in the resorts of Corinth, such as Loutraki, Agioi Theodoroi, or Xylokastro, but also for the consistently popular destinations such as Nafplio and Aegina.

The average selling price rose to 1,787 € / sq.m. for the above areas from the price of 1,682 € / sq.m. that was established in the first quarter of ‘21, thus showing an overall increase of 7.04%. It is worth noting though that Aegina significantly raises the average with a sale price of € 2,386 / sq.m., while the island of Attica competes in price with islands such as Tinos and Corfu.