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After Sales Service

Beyond house purchase, our services encompass actions that facilitate your fresh start in your new home

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Acquiring a residence in our picturesque island, whether as a permanent dwelling or a vacation retreat, is a cherished dream for many. Yet, embarking on a new chapter or enjoying holidays in a foreign land can present challenges, particularly when confronted with unfamiliar languages and cultures.

At our firm, we offer a comprehensive range of services that extend beyond mere property acquisition, encompassing a multitude of actions aimed at ensuring a smooth transition into your newly purchased home. Our dedicated assistance aims to benefit and facilitate your fresh start, providing invaluable support throughout the process.
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Temporary Residence: How can we assist you after the purchase?

In case you are not a permanent resident in Crete, there are a few things that you want to make sure are administered and followed through, and we are here to assist you with these activities. If you wish, we can proceed to the necessary arrangements to set up and monitor your telephone, electric and water connections and have them paid in a timely manner while you are absent. In case you have a garden, a gardener can pay regular visits to your property to ensure your land is in check, for an agreed price. Also, although petty crime is not an issue in Crete, it is always good to have the security of your property covered, therefore we can administer frequent checks to ensure all is in order.

Last but not least, in the event of inclement weather, we can systematically check on your property to ensure no damage has been caused, and contact you in case repairs need to be arranged.

Permanent Residence: How can we assist you after the purchase?
How can we assist you after your Investment in a Property?
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