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Specialised, High-Quality Legal Services

We help you to get a permanent residence permit in Greece by acquiring a property
Specializing in property and nationality law, GIANNIS MARAKAKIS & ASSOCIATES undertakes the procedures for the granting of Golden Visa in Greece for foreign nationals.

    • Golden Visa
    • Residency by Investment

The Hellenic state offers foreign nationals who are willing to invest a defined economic contribution to purchase a real
estate, the opportunity to obtain a 5-year residence permit.

In accordance with Law 4146/2013, investors who invest capital of at least 250.000 euros may be granted a renewable
residence permit if they remain owners of the property. A Golden Visa provides investors and their families with access to
new markets and a host of business, career, educational, healthcare, tax, and free travel to Schengen countries directly
from the country of origin.

The requirements for acquiring a golden visa in Greece:

    • Ownership of real estate
    • In cases of joint ownership of real estate worth 250.000 Euro, the joint owners must be spouses.
    • In all other cases of joint ownership, each investment must amount to at least 250.000 Euro.
    • In cases of ownership of multiple real estate properties, the total value of all the properties must exceed 250.000 Euro.

If the real estate was purchased by a corporation, the single shareholder of the corporation is entitled to the

Interested foreign investors may enter Greece with a type-D Visa and must have completed the procedure for the
purchase of the real estate and submitted their 5-year residence permit before the Visa expires. Before the 5-year permit
expires, the investor must submit a request to have it renewed for another 5 years, under the condition that they still have
ownership over the real estate. Beneficiaries are not required to live for a certain period in Greece in order to obtain the

High-Quality Legal Services

Having an expertise in the process, the Law Firm YIANNIS MARAKAKIS & ASSOCIATES ensures the procedures
for the granting of the Golden Visa Permanent Residence Permit in Greece for foreign nationals.
The Law Firm undertakes and carries out all the necessary actions, with reliability, speed and respect for its
client`s needs.

Indicative available services:

    • Property selection
    • Negotiation with the seller
    • Open a bank account
    • Issue a Greek Tax Identification Number (TIN)
    • Verifying the legal and title status of the property to land Registry and perform the property Due Diligence process
    • Assist and secure any bank transfers to public authorities and the seller
    • Register the deeds at the Registry and Cadastral authorities
    • Prepare the relevant contracts and providing legal representation for clients during the purchase procedure regardless of complexity
    • Computation of tax
    • Translate any official documents
    • Compilation of all the relevant documents that confirm the purchase of the property and are required for the Residence Permit.

Residence Permit

• Submission of application for Residence Permit
• Collection and delivery of the Residence Permit

Moreover, the firm offers additional services, i.e. act as a tax representative for its client,act as depository of all the
documents related to the property, manage the property to ensure income ecc.