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With a dynamic and results-oriented approach, we engage in strategic partnerships with a diverse network of trusted entities, overseeing an extensive property portfolio. Each property within our portfolio undergoes meticulous scrutiny and evaluation by our team of legal experts and architects, ensuring compliance with legal regulations and technical standards. This rigorous assessment process guarantees the green light for properties deemed suitable for inclusion.

We take pride in presenting these carefully curated properties to discerning clients, tailoring bespoke solutions that meet their unique requirements.
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Why choose Ktimatoemporiki for Investments?

Ktimatoemporiki makes investments easy, smooth and informed. The selected landscapes are presented together with an initial feasibility study for prices to construct and to sell the final product, facilitating the investor with a primary business plan.

After 14 years in real-estate business, we have the knowledge and the skillset to provide total cover of your needs. We can assist with the setup of a Greek Company, provide crucial legal and fiscal support, help you find the best investment options and set up an optimized investment strategy. We remain by your side until the purchase/investment is signed, and we ensure of quality results by presenting properties only after strict legal and technical control checks have been cleared and only if the respective property can be a real investment opportunity for you.

We are available 24/7, we understand that time is precious for you and we design your investment strategy tailored to your actual needs, based on our expertise and knowledge of today s Greek Real Estate Market.

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