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The Real Estate Revolution by Embracing Modern Technologies

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Ktimatoemporiki introduces a new era in the real estate market with a groundbreaking commercial practice: TeleProperty. Through this innovative approach, customers can purchase properties in Greece without the need to physically be present.

In today's digital age, smartphones and computers play a significant role in our lives, accessible to everyone. With this in mind, we believe that buying a property online is not only feasible but also achievable by implementing essential precautions to ensure a seamless and transparent service for our customers.

Traditionally, customers would travel to Greece and participate in property viewing tours in person. However, with TeleProperty, you can now join virtual viewing tours and thoroughly examine properties using your phone. Visual communication platforms such as Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp Video Call, and more can be utilized for this purpose.

TeleProperty simplifies the buying process for customers, offering numerous advantages. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Convenience: The TeleProperty service allows for easy, fast, and secure transactions, eliminating the need for customers to personally be in Greece and endure long waiting periods.

  • Integration: TeleProperty seamlessly integrates with the TeleMortgage service, streamlining the entire property acquisition process.

  • Efficiency: By leveraging the power of technology, TeleProperty optimizes time and resources for both buyers and sellers, providing a more efficient real estate experience.

  • Transparency: Through online viewing tours, customers have a detailed and transparent understanding of the properties they are interested in, enabling informed decision-making.

With TeleProperty, Ktimatoemporiki revolutionizes the real estate market by embracing modern technologies and offering a customer-centric approach to property purchasing.
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Why would I use TeleProperty?

Correct Property Match: There are a lot of property options on our website www.ktimatoemporiki.gr from lower- priced to ultra-luxurious properties. There is no doubt that customers can easily find their dream properties on the website according to their budget and expectations. In such case our customers have the possibility to view their desired properties promptly and in full detail.

Best Price: The properties can be offered for sale at a bargain price in special times called 'Buy now'. In cases of such opportunities, customers would not miss the unique price because of travelling hardships, and they could reserve the property over the phone thanks to TeleProperty.

Limited In Stock: The other negative aspect of the necessity of travelling arises when the property is limited in stock. There are many luxurious and high-quality properties offered at affordable or bargain prices, and they can be limited in stock. Since they are fast selling, customers are required to act quickly. Even over the phone, being quick is advantageous.

Needless to Travel: When the dream property is found, nobody wants to miss the opportunity because of the long distance between. In this case, our customers can reserve the property by sending a deposit or buying it through our step by step professional guidance, without the need to disrupt their busy schedules and spend money on plane tickets. TeleProperty allows you to buy your property wherever you are.

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