Real Estate in Rethymno

Being between two fascinating cities, Rethimno combines the picturesque beauty of Chania, with its historic old town by the sea, and the peacefulness that is somewhat obsolete in the other two cities. Also endowed with great history and tradition, like all of Crete, Rethimno offers a wide range of options whether you are a permanent resident or a holiday visitor.

Innumerous villages and local feasts to visit, amazing scenery both near the sea and the mountain (Psiloritis is one of the most impressive mountains in Europe), breathtaking excursions to Idaeon Andron, the place where the myth wants Zeus to have taken his first steps, are some of the options that make Rethymno a beautiful place to live.

Full of contrasts, Rethymno combines natural beauty and vivid traditions. In the last years, Rethimno harbour has undergone major upgrades, providing a great set of infrastructures in the greater Rethimno area.

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