Real Estate in Santorini

Santorini, the Beauty of Cyclades, is famous for a dozen of qualities it brings to the table. Natural beauty at its finest, the best sunset in the world, a gigantic volcano that carries an unparalleled history and builds a myth around the island, and the picturesque scenery from every single corner of the island. A huge touristic spot that attracts millions of people every summer season, this island is highly developed and offers a grand lifestyle, but on the same time it is not burdened with an intense lifestyle, it being mostly a romantic destination as opposed to a nightlife extravaganza.

As a small island, it is usually recommended mostly for a temporary residence, so that investors can have a unique destination for their summer holidays, for the rhythm and the pace of life decrease significantly over winter season. An international airport connecting the island with the biggest European capital cities makes it easy to move around if you enjoy travelling. For winter months, if the investor is not a permanent resident, the property can also be managed to provide an income through rent.

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