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    Ktimatoemporiki combines profound market knowledge with one of the most competitive and extensive portfolio

    • Our Vision

      Our goal is to excel in a market that is continuously growing. Twenty years of experience and our expertise have helped us understand how critical a financial transaction in real estate can be.

    • Our Values

      With integrity and with a "get it done" attitude, we make promises and then we keep them. We commit to our customers and partners satisfaction, by being versatile in order to understand, shape and fulfill all kinds of requirements.

    • Our Experience

      Highly motivated associates, experienced in every aspect of the Real Estate industry, will guide you through the investment process providing advice and insights in estate transactions, property assessments, market research and property management. Our thoroughly selective portfolio includes, besides more than 8,000 properties in Greece and other attentively selected Greek islands, lands for investment and development.

    Devoted to our values, our services are destined to earn your trust and satisfaction.

    Yiannis Kriaras

    Ktimatoemporiki CEO

    Greece Property News

    Refer to news releases published by Ktimatoemporiki Greece Property for the latest updates on political matters, economic performance, tourism in Greece, real estate market analysis, and other matters that could potentially affect property investment and living in Greece.

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    Real Estate Price Trends in Greece

    In May 2023, the desired price for properties for sale was higher in the Aegean Islands region, at €2,937 per square meter. In contrast, for properties for sale in the Thessaly region, the desired price was only €1,195 per square meter, the lowest in the entire Greece region.

    During the same month, the desired price for rental properties was higher in the Attica region, at €10.77 per square meter per month. The lowest desired price, on the other hand, was recorded in the Central Greece region, at only €5.85 per square meter per month, the lowest price in the entire country.

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    Prefecture Sale (€/sqm) Rent (€/sqm)
    Attica 2.795 10,77
    Epirus 1.444 7,48
    Thessaly 1.195 6,62
    Thessaloniki 1.842 7,59
    Thrace 1.212 6,16
    Crete 1.959 8,21
    Macedonia 1.629 6,92
    Aegean Islands 2.937 7,89
    Ionian Islands 2.177 8,81
    Peloponnese 1.402 6,73
    Central Greece 1.244 5,85


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    Our services

    As our client, you will enjoy an exemplary level of services, provided by our selected team of partners and associates. We will work with you every step of the way to fully understand what you need and guide you through the process.



    With 25 years of experience, Ktimatoemporiki is your best real estate agency option whether you want to buy, sell or rent a property in Crete and the Cyclades.


    Operating with a flexible and goal-driven strategy, we collaborate with multiple reliable sources and we manage the largest property portfolio in Greece.

    Greek Golden Visa

    Greek Golden Visa

    Our company can assist with every step of this process and help investors acquire the Golden Visa and their permanent residency in Greece.

    Property Management

    Property Management

    We use our know-how and our expertise to provide you with property management advice and services that will save you time and worries.

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